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Supercrown Coffee Roasters

Supercrown Coffee Roasters is a roaster and café in Brooklyn who got their start as a sophisticated, curated coffee subscription. For their brand launch, we designed a slick coffee subscription sign-up that invites coffee lovers to join from any screen.

Supercrown Website on iPad

With over a decade of experience sourcing and roasting coffee, founder and roaster Darleen Scherer is at the helm as guide. Through her curation, Supercrown celebrates the journey of discovering phenomenal new coffee one month at a time.

“I’m sourcing new coffees all the time. If you subscribe for a week, it’s 52 coffees for the whole year…It’s seasonally selected, so I’m sourcing coffee that I find really interesting or noteworthy: an award winner, some unique varietal or processing method, or a certain producer that seems to be doing really interesting stuff.”Darleen Scherer

Supercrown Box and Beans Custom WooCommerce Subscription Builder

“Supercrown Coffee Roasters also has an amazing tool on their homepage used to show you the exact price you’ll pay when you select the coffee volume and delivery frequency you prefer. This transparency goes a long way to keeping potential customers satisfied… and on your site.”

Nicole Kohler, WooCommerce

Supercrown coffee cards online

Feeling the spark, we riffed off of the printed coffee cards to ensure that exploring roast reports is every bit as engaging on the website.

It is this powerful duo of thoughtfully chosen coffee delivered to your door and the insightful accompanying roaster reports that make joining the Supercrown subscription a rewarding journey.

Supercrown Coffee boxes

We not only have the honor of working not only with one of coffee’s great roasters, but also a killer identity by Martin Justesen.

Supercrown is bursting with creative energy and our goal was to infuse Supercrown’s online presence with their authentic brand voice. As their business has evolved, Supercrown reinvented themselves with a café and single-bag offerings. It was a thrill to work so closely with this phenomenal team introduce their brand and beautiful coffee to the world.

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