We Use an Anthropological Approach to Unearth & Articulate What is Distinctive About Coffee & Direct-to-Consumer Brands

Brand Foundation

A brand is about more than a logo; brands are made of every interaction an individual has with your business. We work with you to lay a strong foundation, from name & story to identity design & packaging.

Custom Websites

Design & production of remarkable WooCommerce & Shopify shops crafted with a research-based approach. We focus on telling your unique story in your voice while delighting customers with a sublime experience.

Specialty Coffee Consulting

We offer consulting & design for specialty coffee, whether you are an emerging roaster entering a new market or an existing coffee importer looking to streamline your message and e-commerce workflow.

A selection of the brands we’ve worked with

“Truly masters of their craft and I was continually impressed with their attention to detail, organization, responsiveness and planning throughout a multi-faceted and ambitious project. Meeting these challenges was all the more satisfying alongside a group whose sense of humor and hospitality ran constant throughout.”

Jessie Sheeran Associate Brand Manager, SakéOne

Our new website “is simply amazing. We have immediately started to gain traction and now many large corporations are willing to work with us.”

Headshot of Taku Kodaira
Taku Kodaira CEO of Mikro Entertainment Inc., Japan

Needmore Designs was “very perceptive with our brand and how to best have it communicated through the website. They are also a really caring & fun team to work with.”

Caryn Nelson Guilder & Junior’s Roasted Coffee Co-Founder

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