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Sweet Bloom

Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters is noted for both beautiful coffee as well as a deep care for their role in the full cycle of coffee.

We worked with their brilliant team to create a completely new online shop that would allow them to share meaningful stories of their coffee journey and impact.

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Client: Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters
Services: E-Commerce Website, Production Workflow

Transparency Throughout

As a leader in transparency, Sweet Bloom is interested in educating consumers about their coffee, which rotates as regularly as the seasons. We designed product pages that are easily digestible to the casual consumer, while also diving into recommended preparations, transparency reporting, and producer stories.

Visiting their new website, you get a sense of the people behind the coffee, from producers through to the cup in your hand.

Production Matters

A successful redesign should not only engage customers, but also address the needs and desires of the folks managing and fulfilling from an e-commerce website. In coffee, that means mapping out production workflow; everything from coffee roasting to shipping should be considered.

To this end, we replatformed Sweet Bloom to WooCommerce, allowing for a streamlined production flow, integration with accounting software, and a stronger alignment with wholesale customers.

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Strength of Personality

Sweet Bloom has a strong identity, designed by The Made Shop, featuring moving illustrations by co-founder Laurel Sprenger. We found thoughtful moments to incorporate Laurel’s illustrations throughout the website as these hand-drawn touches are a beautiful reminder of the personal care that Sweet Bloom takes with their coffee, relationships, and the community around them.⁠

Unpacking Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters

Throughout our redesign of the Sweet Bloom website, we focused on bringing out their brand personality. This was an easy thing to do, as the people behind the brand are every bit as considerate and passionate as you would expect.

We also had the honor of getting a head-start on this exploration when founders Andy & Laurel Sprenger joined us on Episode 46 of our podcast, Unpacking Coffee.