Needmore Studio

Over a decade ago, a coffee-obsessed web designer and a story-focused anthropologist met. The result is Needmore, a digitally-centered design studio based in Portland, Oregon.

Kandace Brigleb

With degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics, Kandace is keen on sifting through language and culture to unearth the heart of a brand’s story. As producer, she works closely with our team and clients from kick-off and beyond. You’ll also find her speaking at conferences, on podcasts, and as co-host of our show Unpacking Coffee.

Raymond Brigleb

Raymond is a lifelong technology geek and design nerd who has hopped trains, documented obscure operating systems, and been building websites since dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

He has interwoven his years in design with long stints at coffee houses (many during the early heyday of Stumptown Coffee) and prefers to spin vinyl whenever possible.

Melissa Jelich-Strohmaier

Melissa is somewhat of a world traveler (by way of airplane ticket standards) and avid adventurer. This native Wisconsinite relocated to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where she has fallen in love with the mountains and spends her free time hiking and biking around Portland enjoying exquisite coffee and craft beer. Along the way, Melissa spent a year exploring the vast lands of Europe earning a Masters in Philosophy and Sociology.

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Check out Unpacking Coffee, our web series discovering new coffee: one roaster, one episode at a time.

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