Materia Prima coffee bags among Italian brands

Materia Prima

Materia Prima is a farm-to-farm micro roastery rooted in community, cultivating authentic Italian coffee culture from their homestead in Georgia.

Introducing a new coffee brand in today’s saturated market is no small feat, so when we were invited to develop a coffee brand from the ground up, we knew it needed to be both authentic and distinctive.

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Client: Materia Prima
Services: Name & Story, Identity, Packaging, Website

Rooted in the Farm

The sky is the limit when two dreamers with culinary backgrounds set their sights on coffee. To ground us, we began by identifying the core values of this new roastery. From their roots in Italian farms to their coffee growing partners to their own homestead in Georgia, Materia Prima celebrates the connection to the raw materials that go into our work: sun, water, love, family, and ritual.

The name Materia Prima (raw materials in Italian) is that ideal mix of sincerity and modernity, while also being an absolute delight to say. We designed a brand that is elegant, and stunning. Rich in nods to botanicals that connect these regions. Vibrant with life.

“We are very pleased with the name and identity. It communicates what is truly important in coffee, our lives, and in food.”

Luca & Rachel Materia Prima Coffee Chickamauga, GA.

Botanical Branding

Their logo is an elegant, flowing type paired with detailed, organic patterning. Colors and illustrations are drawn from botanicals found when growing coffee as well as farms in Italy and Georgia. The hand-drawn Materia Prima illustrations bring a human touch to the brand, showcasing the connection to the land and farms as well as the culmination into true Italian coffee.

From packaging and website to social media plan and newsletters, it was important that, as a brand rooted in Italian culture, Materia Prima could sit well among contemporaries while still standing out with their own point of view.

“Our packaging is beautifully illustrated and designed. It illustrates our love of the land. It is colorful and vibrant, sophisticated but approachable.”

illustrated espresso
Luca & Rachel Materia Prima Coffee Chickamauga, GA.
materia prima packaging
Materia Prima coffee bags among Italian brands