Jazz albums with Oliver's Custom Coffee Bag

Oliver’s Custom Coffee

From Coffee Beans to Jazz Beats: The Melodic Design of Oliver’s Custom Coffee

Oliver’s Custom Coffee is a high-end coffee brand that curates a symphony of unique and rare coffees from around the globe. As these exclusive coffees are released, customers can fine-tune their roast levels, transforming the tasting experience into an improvisational dance of flavors. With Oliver’s Custom Coffee, it’s more than just savoring a cup of coffee, it’s about embarking on a sensory journey through the diverse world of coffee flavors, orchestrated to your own rhythm and taste preference, with Oliver as your trusted guide.

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Client: Oliver’s Custom Coffee
Services: Identity, Packaging, Shopify Website
Portfolio Photography: Lori White via Oliver’s Custom Coffee, Needmore Designs
Coffee bags with jazz albums
Back of Oliver's bag with jazz albums
a trio of Oliver's bags with jazz albums

Jazzing Up Coffee Packaging: A Symphony of Colors & Typography

From the start, Oliver’s interests in highlighting growing regions and using unique coffee processing methods to extract unique flavors caught our attention. This led to the idea of creating a unique bag design for each region, resulting in a visually impressive set of six different coffee packages reminiscent of record releases. The uniform structure of the bag’s back covers tells Oliver’s unique story, echoing the bold lines and meticulous grid of vintage Jazz albums.

“I love the idea that when we drop a coffee it’s like a single hitting the airwaves.”

Oliver Stormshak
Oliver Stormshak
Coffee packaging for coffees from Ethiopia, white bag with black writing
Coffee packaging for coffees from Panama, orange with white typography
Coffee packaging for coffees from Hawai'i, gold back with red lines across
Coffee packaging for coffees from around the world, cream with red cherry illustrations
Coffee packaging for coffees from Colombia, Green with a black Grow illustration
A sweet pup looking at our shipping box

Choosing a Typeface That Dances to Different Tunes

We selected a geometric sans-serif typeface that draws upon a rich, century-long history of global design. The brand wordmark is set in a customized version of the typeface Dunbar, a design by Hawai’i-born CJ Dunn. The ethos of Dunn’s design harmonized perfectly with the brand’s identity, leading to a remarkable result.

As Dunn explains, “I realized that this really tall version had a lot of interesting personality and energy in it. I had seen a lot of designs in the middle but not as much at these extremes. Instead of compromising the most interesting designs, I kept both Tall and Low as display variants and designed a more moderate Text variant to work for smaller sizes.”

Oliver's logo alternate
tote bag with alternate logo

Brewing Up a Custom Website Experience

The Oliver’s Custom Coffee brand stands as a beacon for coffee lovers, releasing a series of unmissable coffee hits. In line with this, our website mirrors the vibrant colors and energy of each individual coffee release. Every coffee page showcases the unique flavors and roast customizations available. As a website crafted specifically for the discerning coffee enthusiast, it takes full advantage of Shopify 2.0 theme capabilities with Agtron Scores, roast customizations, flavor notes, and comprehensive details about what sets each coffee release apart.

Two views of the subscription box, each with a background that matched the roast level