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Joe Coffee

Joe Coffee Company is a community focused coffee leader. Needmore partnered with Joe to create a digital space every bit as forward-thinking and welcoming as their New York cafés.

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Client: Joe Coffee
Services: Website Design & Production
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Hub Starts Here

We first took note of all that Joe is accomplishing, a bustling retail and wholesale program to educational pieces and cafés. The website then became the hub of all of this excitement, which necessitated a more elegant UX experience across devices. To the visitor, the now handful of integrations are seamless.

Brand Evolution

When Joe Coffee updated their branding, we infused the website with bold colors, vibrant typography, and a more robust ability to tell deeper stories about coffee. We paid particular attention to creating a site that compliments the new packaging design rather than compete with it.


Joe Coffee has been serving New Yorkers for over fifteen years. Along the way, they have developed a name for beautiful specialty coffee. These coffees have history and stories all of their own. Along with the visual update, we created clean, customized coffee pages that not only delve into the particular details of a coffee, but also create a space for a deep dive into telling the story behind particular roasts.

Education Matters

Joe was founded in community; they began as a multi-roaster and went on to became a member to The Pulley Collective. Even as they moved into roasting on their own, they retained their collective approach, putting on classes for both the casual home barista and offering more advanced courses for baristas. We created a space online that would showcase these offerings.

Brew Guides

Coffee lovers are making coffee at home more and more, with ever more precision and care. Joe imagined supporting their customers with their coffee passion both in and outside of their cafés. This sparked the creation of Brew Guides that work on the go.