Oliver's Custom Coffee Colombia packaging

Oliver’s Custom Coffee Hits the Airwaves

Our recent branding, packaging, and web project for Oliver’s Custom Coffee has been released and it gaining traction immediately in the coffee world. The project first debuted on Sprudge where they note that “longtime leader of Washington State roasting company Olympia Coffee has launched a new venture called Oliver’s Custom Coffee, focused on high-end coffees, experimental post-harvest processing and a novel approach to communicating differences in roasting.” This new undertaking is quite novel in the coffee world:

There’s a whole wide world of coffee out there, and it’s only getting bigger. Emerging origins, new varieties, and novel processing methods have expanding what we thought we knew about coffee and what it could taste like. And at the bleeding of it all is Oliver’s Custom Coffee


Daily Coffee News further notes that “many of the coffees in the inaugural lineup feature processing methods that were developed in direct collaboration with the coffee producers.” This level of experimentation and focus on dynamic flavors led us to the concept of a unique bag design for each region, designed also to mimic the strong lines and ageless grid design of classic Jazz albums.

On the packaging design, we were really inspired around the idea of the bags mimicking a 7″ single on vinyl. We also took inspiration from both jazz albums and early new wave and punk designs. I love the idea [that] when we drop a coffee it’s like a single hitting the airwaves.

Oliver Stormshak, Founder
Oliver's Custom Coffee Hawaiio packaging

We’re carefully compiling our notes for our own portfolio, to be out soon(ish). In the meantime, it has been a thrill to see the coffee community embrace Oliver’s vision and brand as a whole.

Images courtesy Oliver’s Custom Coffee

Kandace Brigleb

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