Stumptown Coffee Roasters

A coffee fanatic’s paradise—every bit as remarkable as the beans they source and roast.

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Stumptown Coffee Roasters is synonymous with phenomenal coffee. We designed the Stumptown website to be a coffee fanatic’s paradise—every bit as remarkable as the beans they source and roast.

Needmore has a history of close ties with our coffee roasting friends—as you may already know, our Creative Director was Stumptown’s first Barista back when they opened their doors on Division in 1999, and has been involved with crafting their websites ever since.

Needless to say, we are ardent fans. It’s just that simple—we adore the coffee and people (and the Christmas parties).This is our sixth iteration of the Stumptown website, launched in December 2012. Working closely with the Stumptown Creative Department, we embarked on a project to bring the website into a new era.

Because we are anthropologists at heart, we are all about telling people’s stories. We were delighted to tell the Stumptown story and show the faces of the people behind Portland’s favorite staple. This most recent iteration includes producer profiles, so that you can see the real people that harvest the beans for Stumptown, and see first-hand the process that goes into every Stumptown roast.

Stumptown Coffee logo design examples

All inclusive design

Over the years we have designed Stumptown’s logo, mugs, and t-shirts. We have had a hand in a plethora of Stumptown’s wares. While we take an obsessive approach to good website design, we are capable of creating an array of designs for clients. We don’t mean to honk our own horn, but we are a multitalented group of people (and if you don’t believe us, just go ask our Moms).

Cold Brew

In it for the long haul

We have a long and storied history with Stumptown. Our Creative Director, Ray, was Stumptown’s first barista back in 1999. He designed and developed their first website and the rest, as they say, is history. The current website, launched in 2012, is the sixth iteration of the Stumptown website. The website has evolved with Stumptown through the years and grown with their company. We believe in fostering relationships with our clients and take great pride that clients request our services time and time again. A website is a moving target and when the time comes for a refresh, we are here for the next round.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters Magento


(AKA a ridiculous robust ecommerce system)

The Magento e-commerce system was chosen to handle the exacting needs of Stumptown’s sophisticated ordering system. Magento is powerful, delivers a host of shipping options, can calculate taxes for different states – in short it is everything you need to sell things online. It also has a crazy caching system built right in, allows for optional features for individual products and organizes item in an infinite amount of ways. It is a ridiculously robust ecommerce system.

Stumptown Coffee Wireframes

Information architecture

We worked closely with Stumptown to organize their content and design a comprehensive user interface. The depth of content on the website meant we needed to simplify the navigation without compromising the content-rich, education-driven site they really wanted. Stumptown feels that the better folks understand coffee, the more they’ll want to buy from Stumptown, and we couldn’t agree more. Our goal was to encourage learning, make the site easy to navigate for visitors and simple for the Stumptown team to update. WordPress was ideally suited for these objectives and the result is a simplified experience for both parties (that looks pretty snazzy to boot).

Stumptown Coffee Social Media

Social media integration

Looking for a better way to engage their Instagram followers, we created specific hashtags for each of the 13 Stumptown locations and an umbrella hashtag for each of the 4 cities with Stumptown cafés. When someone posts a picture on Instagram and tags the photo with the appropriate hashtag, that image automatically appears on the website’s café page. This unique feature encourages Stumptown’s buddies to participate in the collective experience and displays what is happening at the location in real time. Pretty cool, right?

Stumptown Coffee Roasters Newsletters

Newsletters to match

Stumptown’s newsletter template allows for a number of shiny bells and whistles. Not only does the design compliment the Stumptown website, it is easy to update. Seriously. The Stumptown team can add a verity of different features: including numerous articles, events, images and promotions. The email template makes the backend easy to update and such a beautiful finished product — you would swear it was magic.

Kandace Brigleb