A decade of design for this coffee fanatics's paradise, every bit as remarkable as the beans they source and roast.

Our Role: Identity, Graphic Design, Website Design & Development

Stumptown Cold Brew

When Stumptown Coffee Roasters opened their first cafe and roastery on Division Street in Portland – this was November of 1999 – our Creative Director was there, slinging shots and spinning records.

Stumptown Logo_2x

Over a decade ago, our first work for Stumptown was almost all identity and print, from the logo that graces their van and espresso machines to their first mugs and tees.

And then there was the year where we created a new Mercury ad per week.

Needmore proudly continued to partner with Stumptown for over a decade, through their entire run as an independent coffee roaster (and continue to work with its founder to this day). In this time, we created their first website, iterated over the years, and sheaparded them into the age of social media.


In our latest iteration of their website, we focused on moving coffee into the hands of fans around the country. This included a coffee subscription program along with the addition of merchandise and gifts.

Stumptown Homepage on Desktop Stumptown Desktop Coldbrew

For Stumptown, brew guides hold equal weight with brew kits; education is a key cornerstone to the site and experience. They aren’t here to simply supply you coffee, they want to give you a chance to know where it came from and who grew it. What’s more, coffee is about spending time, handing out, building relationships. We crafted Stumptown’s website to be a hub for regulars, sprinkling personal touches like targeted Instagram and blog updates on pages about locations.

Stumptown Newsletter on iphone

We crafted an HTML newsletter, utilized for client communication, that was listed as one Campaign Monitor’s top 100 newsletter designs of 2014 and 2015.

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