Frank Wine & Flower


Vive to the good life

Frank Wine & Flower is a sublime spot to relax with loved ones and experience a little bit of France right here in misty ol’ Portland. We collaborated on an identity and website to introduce this gem to the city.

The name Frank is a nod to the The Franks, once the Holy Roman Empire that later evolved into a little country called France. (You might have heard of it). Owners Ezra and Kristi were drawn to the name based on their love of French wine and bonne vie; it gets right to the heart of what they stand for.

As such, we set out to create a straightforward logo and web presence that is fit for kings. (Literally, because bees are the emblem of the French royal family in days of yore).

We then produced a website as simple and sublime as tucking into a nice bottle of wine in France.

Frank Wine & Flower website on iPhone

Frank Wine & Flower’s charm is matched by a biting whit, which makes signing up for their newsletter a thing one simply must do.