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Parlor Coffee

From their origin as a barbershop pop-up espresso bar, Brooklyn’s Parlor Coffee is known for their fine taste, both in coffee and design. We collaborated to bring their refined branding to life in a sublime online experience with a streamlined flow.

We crafted a new UX and design language that is rigid enough to hold tight to Parlor’s brand guidelines and yet flexible enough to bend and sway as new stories emerge.

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Client: Parlor Coffee
Services: Custom Shopify Website
Branding & Illustration: Franklyn

Heart of the Story

Small batch roasting has its perks; one can source remarkable specialty coffee and, at the same time, forge deep connections with coffee producers. From these relationships emerge countless stories and detailed information yearning to be shared. 

With Parlor, you can see this in their carefully curated coffees as well as their lovingly written publication—Parchment —where they strive to “shed light on the nuanced supply chain behind your cup of coffee and amplify voices you might not otherwise hear.”  With these as our guide, we produced product pages that read like magazines articles and a home for their existent publication.


Sublime Flow

With all businesses—and especially those of a certain size and in this particular era—time is fleeting. For Parlor, too much of it was being consumed by manual entry and data management. We outlined a streamlined fulfillment process that allows Parlor’s team to get orders out quickly and efficiently, opening them up to spending more time with customers and sharing the stories that matter. 

Additionally, we looked for areas to create a more cohesive brand voice and a simplified flow for customers, such as streamlining navigation, designing newsletters, and reworking transactional emails. These modest adjustments make an appreciable impact.

Brew Guides

At the end of the day, there’s no substitute for experiencing Parlor’s coffee offerings firsthand. For their customers around the globe, Parlor has penned guides for making one’s own delicious cup of coffee, which now grace their new website.

Brew Guides


The final pièce de résistance of the project is a custom programmed subscription builder that lays out dozens of options in a polished flow.

subscription page