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Sucafina Specialty is a global coffee importer known for their emphasis on innovation and value. As they merged three distinct brands into one cohesive organization, we crafted a modern design system for diving deeper into their ethics and offerings.

Laptop with Sucafina Homepage on a turquoise background
A handful of pages showcasing unique layouts

A Fine Line

Along with introducing a new cohesive organization and branding, this project was comprised of a number of top-level goals such as showcasing offerings for regional sales, communicating brand values, and acting as an online purchasing platform. These remained at the forefront of our minds as we crafted a design language that could be readily applied to operations in North America; Europe, Middle East, and Africa; and Asia Pacific.

Source Smart

Sucafina’s motto is Source Smart. As a trusted farm to roster company, they have a wealth of information to share and are happy to do so. Knowing how much they have to share about the coffees and communities they are a part of, we created a myriad of paths for exploring and learning about coffee and regions; travel their world of origins or jump straight to offerings. Either way, spend time with the details and offers. You’ll surely come away with a newfound reverence for the heart that goes into these beautiful coffees.

Rwanda Origins on iPad with coffee mug
Origins landing page and coffee details

Savvy Details

While Sucafina focuses on the fine details of coffee, we took pleasure in the fine website details. Along with designing the site, we handed their technology partners Bootstrap 4-based HTML & CSS files for integration into a customized headless CMS system. This allowed us to fuss over the fine details of the site on mobile and desktop as well as the subtle intricacies and interactions.

Sucafina homepage on iPhone with maroon and yellow background

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