Royal Coffee Importers Identity
With the energy and innovative spirit that one typically associates with emerging brands, it can come as a surprise that Royal Coffee Importers is swiftly approaching 40 years of green coffee importing. Given Royal’s long history in coffee, their name is synonymous with knowledge and trustworthiness and brand is easily recognizable.
New logo on crown jewel boxes

Our challenge was to redesign their logo to be more elegant and readable on a variety of surfaces while retaining the character and style of their iconic brand.

Consider the before and after.  At first blush, these logos aren’t radically different from each other (this wasn’t a  Starbucks-esque evolution). Instead, they are indicative of an iterative process that respects the original brand while elevating the design in subtle ways.

When we first started working with the original logo, one of the challenges is that the original files were no longer available. Little by little, we identified patterns in letters that could be used to clean-up the letterforms that had gotten distorted over time.

This resulted in a more balanced and refined logo that has shape consistency.

The strongest departure was losing the original black borders. This was immediately beneficial since Royal often places their logo on black backgrounds in both web and print.

Overall, the redesign finds Royal with a logo that is respectful of its legacy, cleaner, and more easily seen on various devices.
New Royal logo, made by Needmore

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