Hand holding a portofilter in front of a pink background

La Marzocco Commercial

Producing a modern, world-class commercial website that elevates La Marzocco’s beautifully handcrafted machines.

Client: La Marzocco
Services: Web Design & Production

A Commercial Distinction

Our initial scope was clear: create a modern commercial website for La Marzocco that is distinct yet could stand proudly beside the already successful La Marzocco Home website design.

The challenge before us: a delicate dance between integrating into the Global theme/multi-site structure on one hand and creating a more modern, visually stunning website on the other (all based on La Marzocco’s fabled brand guidebook, of course).

Technical Specifics

This is a commercial website, which means that there are layers upon layers of specification that matter for each machine. We organized this information in a way that was easily accessible for each product, from gorgeous machine details to intricate specifications and documentation.

Will Travel

Knowing that this design would be utilized from the USA to Korea to Spain to Australia and beyond, we wanted to create an über-flexible layout that could meld to each country’s specific designs and language needs.


As the innovators they are, La Marzocco also needs a space to talk about their award-winning café, coffee subscription, training events, and any other things they dream up.