Home page of the Four Barrel Coffee responsive website shown on an iPad.

Four Barrel Coffee

A dark and moody website redesign for San Francisco’s Four Barrel Coffee.

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Client: Four Barrel Coffee
Services: Website Design & Production
Illustrator: Kevin Tudball

Dance with the Details

Four Barrel is something of an enigma. If ever there was a luddite coffee roaster, at first blush it would appear to be them; they roast on a vintage German roaster, have an in-house illustrator, and pointedly refused to offer Wi-Fi in their coffee shops. And yet, when it comes to crafting a website to showcase their beautiful coffee or harnessing the power of Instagram, they’re all in.

It is this delicate balance between the intrinsic power of the web and the focus on the uniquely human that runs throughout the Four Barrel phenomenon. And so, when were invited to collaborate with this team in crafting a digital experience that balances a no-fuss black and white presentation with solid events, shop, and coffee club, we were all in.

“Bonus points for a unique online shop organized around specific flavor notes rather than country, helping drinkers dial in something that fits their personal taste, whether that's just something juicy or heavy, or more specific like honeysuckle or lemon curd.”

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From their deceptively effortless looking coffee club, which offers no less than 60 club options, to their vast array of classes, the site makes engaging with Four Barrel a pleasure.

De La Paz

Four Barrel also houses the phenomenal blends brand, De La Paz. We worked to distinguish De La Paz through colorful photography and a distinct visual voice.