The redesigned home page of the La Marzocco Home shown on an iPad.

La Marzocco Home

A coffee-lovers dream website for the makers of the world’s finest espresso machines

Founded in Italy, La Marzocco has been making gorgeous, superbly crafted espresso machines since 1927. Ninety years later, they continue to express their deep affection for espresso through continuous innovation. We collaborated with La Marzocco to craft a modern, immersive online experience.

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Client: La Marzocco
Services: Website Design & Production
Project: Ongoing

Introducing Remarkable Espresso Machines

We debuted the La Marzocco Home website to re-introduce of the groundbreaking GS3 espresso machine. From this first offering through to the 2022 launch of the award-winning Micra Mini, the La Marzocco Home website has been home to machine after stunning machine. Not only are the world’s finest espresso machines available online, but there are countless ways to configure your perfect machine.

“At the time when we launched the site, the GS3 had been on the market for seven years and, because of the configurator and because of customization and the great job that was done on the website in creating that experience, it made it feel like the GS3 was just being launched into the market for the first time. The whole experience felt so fresh and new, they thought it was a new machine.”

Scott Callender

Espresso Subscription

La Marzocco Home recently opened a Seattle café that quickly won attention and awards. A year in, with a successful roaster in residence program firmly in place, La Marzocco Home is upping their game by offering the café experience to the world through their new La Marzocco Home Espresso Subscription. We partnered with La Marzocco to craft the identity, vibe, coffee cards, photos, and web experience.

While the subscription program resides on the La Marzocco Home website, we gave it a distinct vibe with careful attention to the experience of being part of the program from the website to transactional emails.

La Marzocco went big with their first featured roaster; Oslo’s Tim Wendelboe is a bit of a celebrity in the barista world and he’s earned it, having won a World Barista Championship and then gone on to found his own eponymous roastery, world-famous café, and now a farm to test out his ideas about growing coffee at source. We chatted with Tim recently and put together a short show about Tim and the La Marzocco Home Espresso Subscription.

The La Marzocco Home Espresso Subscription badge designed by Needmore Designs
Espresso Shot for La Marzocco Espresso Subscription
Image we took on the La Marzocco Home instagram

At Home, Everywhere

More recently, our website for La Marzocco Home has begun to travel the globe. From La Marzocco Home Australia to La Marzocco Home Dubai, we worked with La Marzocco to team to tailor their website design to be customizable their particular audience and offerings.