Metropologie ipad

We’ve just designed and produced a website for Metropologie, who offers carefully cultivated walking tours of Seattle, Washington.

Metropologie desktop

The Metropologie website might very well first be encountered on a desktop computer some rainy Seattle evening—perhaps by a couple planning their weekend in the city. Or a daughter away at college, anticipating her parents’ first visit to her new city, might find herself perusing walking tours on an iPad while sipping a latte. Whatever the device, any visit to Metropologie will be full of interest and exploration. With this firmly in mind, the website has been designed to look stunning in all instances, on all devices.

Metropologie iPhone

Do visit this stunner. In the end, only one question remains: when are they coming to Portland!?

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.