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Literary Arts: A Tale of Two Sites

Our story begins in 2006, when we first started working with the fine folks at Literary Arts.

The first website we made for Literary Arts was a Flash website. Back in those days, that was THE technology. Oh the colors, the movement! So cutting-edge.

Fast forward a few years, Literary Arts had worked with another company and had implemented an ecommerce system for ticket sales. The website had been donated to Literary Arts (which is wonderful), but after the site was completed, the creators were nowhere to be found, leaving Literary Arts without support and a ticking timebomb. As time went on, issues began cropping up on the site.

In 2012, the new crew at Literary Arts quickly discovered that they had inherited a website that was chock full of problems. Their site was limping along, confusing to navigate, and infested with bugs. Help was needed.

Literary Arts Before and After

Kandace met with them over coffee to chat about the website and to see if we could help them get things back on the right track. After fixing the more pressing problems, we laid out a one-year plan to overhaul the site, and we got started. We introduced a new, clean layout that allows for new content to be added to the website easily, added a calendar system, and straightened out the ticket sales.

We are so very proud of the site we created for Literary Arts and look forward to continuing to work with the incredible team of the folks.

Listen to our interview with Andrew Proctor, Executive Director of Literary Arts.


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