De La Paz Peel Sessions

Good Friends and Killer Coffee

Duane Sorenson, Ray Brigleb and Jodi Geren celebrating Stumptown Coffee’s first birthday.

De La Paz co-owner Jodi Geren is a friend. Our relationship was founded on good times and an appreciation for freaking amazing coffee. Our founding father Ray worked with Jodi at Stumptown Coffee in the earliest days, and Jodi was even a part of team Needmore for a year or two. We share inside jokes to this day!

So when De La Paz asked us to come on board and redesign their web, we were game. Not just because we are friends, but because we admire what De La Paz is doing for coffee. Really. Honestly. We love what they’re doing.

A lot goes into that deliciously brewed cup of coffee in your hand. It is grown, harvested and crafted intentionally. This is not your instant coffee, this is a brew that is meant to be savored. High quality coffee starts in the fields where the beans are grown. De La Paz is part of a movement in coffee called third wave.

Third wave is about making coffee from the ground up, meaning each step of the process is vitally important for the end product and is constantly being improved upon. Like the website we created for De La Paz, it is based upon bonds with people and intention.

De La Paz is working together with growers to improve the harvest and responsible trading to improve lives of the people that grow the beans. Crafting the beans for the roasting progress, small batches, roasted by an expert that brings everything together.

The result is a brand known for their delightful coffee blends and for their attention to detail.

De La Paz Coffee Website by Needmore

In keeping with their philosophy, we started the website designs from scratch, creating a consistent visual language throughout the site. Fonts, weights, spacing, code… these details matter for the completed composition. You might not be able to put your finger on why a cup De La Paz coffee tastes better or why a Needmore website flows so well – but you can feel it.

We designed the De La Paz website to be as fresh and cheerful as their packaging, infusing the website with a narrative that introduces you to a delicious cup of coffee. It was a labor of love, and we hope you love visiting it.

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.