Using Safari with TextMate

I just love TextMate, and any excuse I can find to use it, I do. There are a ton of features that you really get used to, and it is a very fast and flexible program. Maybe that is why the Rails Core Team uses it exclusively! If you are hooked on Dreamweaver and use a Mac, consider a combination of Transmit and TextMate to get the same job done quicker. It is a different workflow, but it’s a nice one and it feels a lot faster.

Anyway, today I learned that if you have TextMate installed, you can edit any text field from Safari with TextMate by first typing Command-A (to select all) and then Command-Keypad Enter. Ah! So nice to be able to write a blog entry in a familiar environment. Just save and close the window, and you are back in Safari with your text entered. Our blog system uses Textile, which is a lot easier to work with in TextMate.

I also learned that you can use TextMate to view the source of a web page, too, but that seems to require a bit more work an a specialized utility or two. Maybe I’ll give that a shot, but for now I am addicted to SafariSource, a utility that shows Safari’s source code window with nice color syntax highlighting, a must for web designers.

Photo via MudflapDC.

Raymond Brigleb

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