Transactional Emails

With any online transaction, there are few key moments when you are sending out an email to a customer. Key touch points, at the very least, occur at the moment of purchase and when you ship. (Environmentally conscious sellers are also providing e-receipts as options during face-to-face checkouts as well.) These should contain some fairly basic information, such as your branding, transaction details, and a link to return policies.

Customers are 26% more likely to open emails that  include information such as a receipt or shipping information. Further, “of all e-receipts, those with up-sell and cross-sell features have the  highest click and transaction rates.” ¹  Given their high rate of open, transactional e-mails are an often missed opportunity to offer your customers more than a boring email and possibly even entice them to stop back by and pick up a few items.

What are enhancements possible?


Square gives you the confirmation of a transaction, but also gives you more if you share the link, and if a friend also signs up. This gives the customer something a little more, as well as potentially getting you more customers. This information is separate enough from the main info, but still obvious and looks like a call to action.


More Information

Harry’s goes beyond just a confirmation receipt, they also send an e-mail the day your order was expected to arrive. This get the customer excited. If their was any problem or for some reason the product hasn’t arrived, it is easy for the customer to contact them without having to shuffle through old e-mails. They also include tips and make gives the customer a feel that you really care and believe in the product you are selling.


Image Credit: Really Good E-mails



• Website navigation and shop online links

• Colorful layouts and sections for promotional images

• Links to related brands

• Links to social media sites

• Product recommendations

• Dynamic sale or inventory banners

• Opt-in to promotional emails

• Surveys

A few other tips:

  • Link back to your main site.
  • Have on friendly and on brand tone in your writing.
  • Give a little something back to the customer.

Warby Parker gives you the basic information you need in an obvious and styled way. Your tracking number and where it is going, hopefully your address. If you have questions or concerns contact information is also very obvious. You want your customers to feel ease if they need to contact you.

Kandace Brigleb

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