The Devil is in the Details

Digital Web magazine is running a nice series on building a web company. Today’s installment, which is part 2, outlines the less glamorous pieces of business, such as legal and insurance issues. I doubt any of us start our own business in order to deal with these issues, but they’re integral, and often overlooked, for growing a business that lasts. A couple notes on our own experiences…

When we first stared Needmore Designs, the idea of our own health insurance seemed like a dream. We went over a year without coverage, thinking that we just couldn’t afford it. However, once we sought out an agent, we found that group coverage (yup, 2 is a group) was much less than anticipated.

One month after our insurance kicked in, I slipped on a wet staircase and injured my back, leaving me with weeks of doctor visits, medication and physical therapy. It was rough, but I can’t imagine the stress if this had occurred in the days before insurance. If you live in Portland and would like a recommendation for a super friendly, helpful agent, feel free to contact us.

Ideally, a lawyer would create your contracts. However, the GAG’s Pricing and Ethical Guidelines has usable contracts, so don’t use the excuse of lawyers being too expensive to get out of this important step! You would not believe how useful a contract is when a client returns in two years and a few designers later with a complaint about something not working on a website you originally created.

Also, couldn’t help wondering exactly what The Devil is in the Details means.

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.