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“Needmore was one of the first people we called when we got serious about this project. We knew that in order to reflect the heart and soul of The Crown, we needed a digital representation and online platform where we could share our findings freely and widely.”

Richard Sandlin, Royal Coffee Importers

“It is never easy to put your vision into someone else’s hands and have the results surpass the expectations, but this is exactly how things went down with Needmore designing our website. they simply create a beautiful product, which in this case is a website, and we consider ourselves somewhat aesthetes and we just love beauty…and they are really swell, sweet folks, which always is A+.”

Robb Duncan, Dolcezza

“The wonderful team at Needmore really understands our branding and are just such a pleasure to work with…As the nature of our business is online, [our website] contributes 100% to the success of our business. We have received very positive feedback on the look and feel of the new website.”

Haleh Nia

“We love our new website and we get a lot of compliments on it. I love Needmore’s creativity and the ability to get it done. They set realistic goal dates and they meet them. I really liked that!”

Dr. Mary Cooke

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