A scene from a SakéOne photoshoot at Woodsman Tavern featuring fried chicken and saké, a surprisingly delightful combination


We partnered with SakéOne to produce a website that would bring the rich experience of saké to beginners and masters alike.

On iPhone

A Drink for Everyone

Listen, you don’t have to know what kompai means or to eat sushi with your hands to enjoy saké. And, folks are starting to take note of this; brewed for over a thousand years, saké is just now beginning to gain popularity in America. (Just wait until everyone figures out what phenomenal cocktails they can make with saké!)

G Joy saké goes with everything, even fried chicken

As the saké experts here in the states, SakéOne is here to bring not only their own brews to customers, but also import absolute best saké from Japan. They’re here to make sure everyone has tried this beautiful drink, which means getting the word out. Enter an engaging website and immersive lifestyle photography that is created to open a dialogue with newcomers and seasoned drinkers alike.

Story Matters

Behind every great saké is a story. This story could be a tale of an elixir made from Oregon rain that can change your world perspective or of a family brewing award-winning saké for hundreds of years, generation after generation. This rich history is part of what makes saké such a compelling drink.

These stories are complex, moving. We created a simple, modular page design that puts this storytelling into the hands of SakéOne. Their team can create beautiful, engaging pages that pull visitors in, go deep into the history of brewing or specialty of ingredients, and then invited them to take the next step and either purchase or head out to their tasting room.

SakéOne brand landing pages on mobile

“Truly masters of their craft and I was continually impressed with their attention to detail, organization, responsiveness and planning throughout a multi-faceted and ambitious project. Meeting these challenges was all the more satisfying alongside a group whose sense of humor and hospitality ran constant throughout.”

— Jessie Sheeran, SakéOne

A Hard Sell

Selling spirits online is fraught with complexity and shop owners often have to choose between functionality and beauty with their websites. We see a better way. We built the SakéOne using a combination of WooCommerce and WineDirect (just as we did with Penner-Ash Wine Cellars). This gives us the freedom to design beautiful stories and complex shop filtering while also harnessing WineDirects’s capability in calculating taxes and shipping restrictions for spirits.

Oregon Craft

Brewing the perfect saké takes love of craft, patience, and mastery. It is easy to fall in love with saké. Purchasing said saké should be a breeze. We made it just as simple to order a bottle (or five) online.

Sake cocktail

Cheers to photographer Gritchelle Fallesgon, the folks at The Woodsman Tavern for helping us to create such stunning imagery of these cocktails.

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.