RIE: A New Design for a Timeless Philosophy

On the eve of their annual conference, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our redesign of their website for Resources for Infant Educares. RIE is an international, non-profit organization that was founded by infant specialist and educator Magda Gerber and pediatric neurologist Tom Forrest, M.D. The RIE philosophy supports a relaxed approach to the bringing-up-of-baby, opposing overstimulation and parenting methods that pressure infants to succeed and flourish from the womb.

Although the organization has recently received a wealth of attention and media coverage for their unique methodology (due, in part, to celebrity supporters like Tobey Maguire, Helen Hunt and Jason Alexander), RIE has been dedicated to the betterment of infant care and education through teaching, supporting and mentoring parents and professionals since 1978.

We worked closely with the organization to redesign their website. We’re proud to say, the transformation of RIE’s online presence is really rather, well, transformational!


Here is a before glimpse of the website in its entirety (click image to see full page):


And, here is a view of the home page after the redesign:


The project had a number of goals. The first goal was to update the visual landscape more in line with RIE’s new identity system. The second was to add key functionality to the website (we made it possible for guests of the site to sign up for a membership, donate funds, and peruse their online store). We do hope you will take a time out to stop by and check out RIE’s admirable vision and new website.



Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.