How You Helped with Our Redesign

We’ve been dreaming about tinkering with our website for a couple years now. This month, we finally decided to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Our first task was to define what was working for us with our current website and what wasn’t.

Last month, we asked just about everyone we could a single question: “When you think of Needmore Designs, what comes to mind?” We based our initial redesign planning on the results. We learned that our general aesthetic shines through quite well in the designs we create for others – clean, tidy, modern layouts with much white space and smart font choices. We also learned that folks think of us, the people behind the website.

With these points in mind, we took a hard look at the website we have had up for the last three years. I’ll tell you what we didn’t see – white space or people. And so, the redesign project was underway. Here is what we stared with.

Not bad, but we thought we could do better. After about a month of thinking, designing, and tinkering, here is where we are as of today. White space. Tidy layout. Nice fonts. And real people front and center.

We’re especially excited about the new home page. The thumbnails are pulling from a variety of places on the website (recent projects, team, and blog). By going greyscale, we’re giving all of this equal weight. This also allows the home page to be completely different each time you visit. We’re excited to see some of the designs that come out of this randomness. We do feel that, with one glance, you get a strong feel for who we, as Needmore Designs, are. And that feels pretty good.

You’ll also note that some important information is missing. We are giving ourselves the rest of the month to hammer out the details of the website. As we zero in on a page that we feel is finished, we’ll talk a bit about the process. We’ll be documenting this live because, well, this is how we usually work in front of a client and it just feels right. We do hope you enjoy our little trapeze act.

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.