Promo Codes Abound

We’ve been working on cozying up our studio for the Winter and this means quick shopping (online, of course). Now, I’ve never been a coupon clipper (can’t seem to ever find the coupon at the right time anyhow), but the internet makes coupons easy as pie to find right when you need them. I almost never buy from any online retailer without first doing a quick search for the retailer’s name plus the phrase “promo code.” These searches rarely take more than 3 minutes, but can often end up with big discounts. I never click on group promo sites, but rather look for links that show up rankend second through sixth – that’s usually where the good stuff lies.

For example, before purcahsing our new room divider from Chia’sso today, I quick searched chiasso promo code and found a handy code (link #2) that gives 20% off of my entire purchase (and, when buying furniture, this can mean a bundle).

I also purchased a throw pillow and blanket from Design Public today and, when searching for a promo code, the second link was a reminder that they had just sent out a code in their newsletter (wnhich I received, but rarely read far enough down to find the juicy discounts). I quick found the newsletter in my InBox and viola – 10% off and a free subscription to Ready Made magazine for a year!



Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.