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Ritual Coffee Roasters

Ritual Coffee Roasters is a woman-owned pioneer of specialty coffee in San Francisco focused on beautiful coffee, with a side of irreverent friendliness. We produced a website that embodies these qualities that make Ritual so beloved in the Bay Area and beyond.

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People in Motion

Ritual isn’t going to tell you that they were the first to source coffee in a direct trade model. Instead, they want you to know about the beautiful coffee they’re bringing to their community in collaboration with producers who they’ve worked with since 2005. As they continue their growth, Ritual now has an online home that is an embodiment of their ethos.

“Incredibly colorful and comfortably spacious, with enhanced navigation and a focus on accessibility, we’re now able to better tell the stories of our coffees and the producers who grow them.”

Ritual Coffee Roasters

You’re Gonna Get Some Awesome Coffee Here

When we began working together, as is often noted with brands as they mature, Ritual’s online presence showed the stress markers of growthvarious websites had been crafted for a variety of needs and causes. We focused on creating a harmonious single space that Ritual could utilize. One thing because clear right away: from a shop with a deeper dive into individual coffees to Brew Guides and guided subscriptions, at the heart of this website is the desire to share remarkable coffee and resources with customers.

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If You’re Going to San Francisco

Once you get a sense of the deep history that Ritual Coffee Roasters has, it feels inevitable to think about a journey to their cafés. With the winds of change constantly moving these days, Ritual wanted a space to communicate with customers about their individual locations.

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