Two guilder logos



Portland’s The Princess Bride-themed cafe unveils a new visual chapter as they launch a second location in the historic Powell’s bookstore.

There are 3 social media icons. This is to represent Guilder overall and then each of the two location.
Guilder logo has a pink and gold version.

Guilder is known for many of the noteworthy characteristics that we find The Princess Bride story: bright, humble, hard-working, empathetic, and justice seeking. At the same time, their roots are right here in the Pacific Northwest, home to their sister roastery Junior’s. We infused the café’s literary theme with a distinctive feel of a specialty coffee innovator rooted in the Pacific Northwest; illustrations of Oregon’s buttercup floweralso the namesake of the Princess Bride heroineand colors are reminiscent of those found in the coastal landscape of The Princess Bride world, as well as throughout Oregon.

We love the new branding for Guilder and Guilder Cafe! Whenever I see it in print or digital, it makes me smile. 

Caryn Nelson, co-owner Portland, OR
Illustration of two buttercup flowers that are found in the Guilder logo.
Guilder logo works well in black and white on mugs and menu.

There are two distinct logos and color palettes for Guilder. The first represents Guilder as brand as well as the original location. The second represents the Guilder Cafe now open in Powell’s Books.  In each, the design fuses a bold, modern lockup with a shape that reminds us that we are looking through a window to a story, or perhaps looking at a book and about to turn the page.

The new Guilder Cafe branding looks incredible on the Powell's Books widow downtown.

Needmore was able to “complete the project within our tight timeline, and the process of making the final decision was easy because of the high quality design options.”

Caryn Nelson, co-owner Portland, OR
Illustration of two swords which can also be found on the Guilder menu.
Interior of the Guilder brand book showcasing usage on sites, cups, and a-frame boards.
New branding can be found everywhere from Instagram posts to the original cafe doorway.