Our New Rock Kitty!

One of my New Years resolutions was to make a website for my music. I wanted something that was not commercial (i.e. MySpace) and I wanted to be able to add new songs often, perhaps daily. Loudblog is perfect for this sort of thing. It is blogging software written in PHP that has lots of special features for posting music.

For example, each time you post a song, it embeds a tiny MP3 music player, so listening to your music is dead simple. It automagically creates iTunes-friendly podcasts for you. If you decide to post videos, it supports those too. And most interesting of all, visitors are permitted to post audio recordings of their own as comments!

Our New Rock Kitty cover

So please visit ournewrockkitty.com and let me know what you think. I am going to put up one new song each day until I run out. It is a work in progress.

Raymond Brigleb

Creative Director, dreamer, partner, father, musician, photographer. Has been known to ride the rails. Pulls one heck of a shot.