Oh Bento!

With a summer of scooting ahead, we’ve turned our attention to sustenance. Enter our new bento lunch boxes.

Bento lunch boxes

These bentos are killer; they include three separate containers (hot or cold food) and a handy stainless steel carrier (while you can find a traditional bento box on Amazon, it’ll run $60 to $90 a pop – or $20 at our local asian market market). Bentos are handy to carry (fit well in our scooter buckets), perfectly portioned and make eating in fun!


These are no ordinary lunch boxes; people get serious about designing their bento creations! My favorite inspiration has come from a few flickr groups: Mr. Bento Porn, Vegetarian Bento and vegan bento.

First bento lunch


Our first tentative foray was safe with cauliflower soup, salad, strawberries and brazil nuts. Once our accessories arrive, we’ll be getting more creative and tracking ours in our creations in flickr.





Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.