Needmore Shopping Guide: Etsy

Still on the handmade gift kick today. In the last few years, Etsy has grown into an mind-boggling array of local, handmade gifts in a variety of colors. And, this is good news for artists! In their recent article, Making Artistic Careers Lucrative, the New York Times highlights Etsy as an important piece of the puzzle for helping independent artists make it. We’ve been thrilled to see a number of our friends and clients open their own Etsy shops.

Kate Endle Collage

Kate Endle’s bustling Etsy Shop is chalk full of one-of a kind images and prints. Our current favorites are Kate’s adorable owl collages (although we remain smitten with our own Kate Endle deer collage). Kate has many talents, ranging from collage to illustration and beyond. We’re impressed with the way Kate has used Etsy to create a space for her collages, while her overall site gives a glimpse into the variety of her work.

Makool Clothing

Our friends at Makool Loves You put up all of their samples, one-of-a-kind, and collection pieces for their clothing line in their Etsy shop. This is an ideal use for Etsy, as it not only promoted these one-off products, but also spreads the Makool name. I’ve disussed my fondness for Makool’s ketchup coat in much detail, so this time I’ll point out the cute as a button Pantalette Set (hint, hint Santa) and a divine tea dress.

Paper Milk

Paper Milk has a super cute pack of notecards up in their Etsy shop. This is Paper Milk’s debut year on Etsy and we’re interested to watch the shop grow over time.

We’d love to hear about your favorite Etsy shops!



Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.