Needmore Loves WordPress

WordPress is often thought of as a platform for blogging, but having been around for a decade now, it’s come quite a long way. I’m tired of hearing people dismiss it as a platform, so I wanted to share just a few reasons we here at Needmore love it.

Custom Post Types

For example, it’s designed to handle any kind of content. By default, it lets you use what it calls “pages” (just what you’d expect) and “posts” (which are what you’d think of as blog posts). But you can make others. In fact, we typically create a lot, from more standard types. A few examples:

  • Portfolio, used on many of our client’s sites.
  • Location, useful any time you have more than one for your business.
  • Flavor, or something like it, for details about items on your menu.
  • Team, which we’ll use for each staff member, and can have a photo, bio, and so on.
  • Press Release, which can be nice to keep separate from your blog and style differently.
  • Testimonial, for praise from customers or such.
  • Product, pretty much for every e-commerce site.

For each type of content, there are a million ways to customize and use them. You can add fields for images, galleries, maps and locations, extra text fields, and format how the links appear and precisely how Google will show these pages (complete with a preview).

Custom Taxonomies

Like many content management systems, WordPress has the concept of a taxonomy. By default, you have “category” and you have “tag”, but as you might suspect, we can create any number of these and apply them to any type of content. You can make up your own to organize content, and these categories can have images, text, be sorted different ways, and so on.

Taxonomies can have hierarchy. So you could have a top-level for the region, a second level for the year, and a third level for the season. Taxonomy “pages” can also have their own designs, and be mixed in throughout other pages, for an extremely flexible layout.

Ten More Reasons

Not convinced? Here’s a bunch more reasons why we love using WordPress.

  1. Because it’s so popular, there are plugins to make it do pretty much anything.
  2. The user interface for updating your website is great. It even works well on your phone.
  3. It lets you have as many logins as you want, with as many permission levels as you want.
  4. If you need to sell stuff, WooCommerce is an extremely compelling solution.
  5. If you need to manage events, locations, newsletters, or forms, these are all things that not only work great, but are well supported.
  6. If properly maintained, it is extremely secure. Issues are fixed almost immediately, and updates happen automatically.
  7. They’ve thought of everything. If you need a feature, odds are pretty good it’s not hard to build in WordPress, and common features like image handling are already quite refined. You won’t need to reinvent the wheel.
  8. It’s free. While many of the various extras we might use can sometimes cost money, the software itself is not only free but very easy to modify and adapt to your needs.
  9. It runs on just about any web host. There are many that have special features for WordPress clients. This makes your life easier.
  10. It’s always improving. Often your site gets new features without us even touching it.

WordPress is our secret weapon. Hire us, and we’ll make it yours, too!

Raymond Brigleb

Creative Director, dreamer, partner, father, musician, photographer. Has been known to ride the rails. Pulls one heck of a shot.