You may already have heard a bit about Tundro’s first web app Cork’d, the evenings-and-weekends brainchild of Dan Cederholm and Dan Benjamin. It’s a social wine tasting and recommendation site, and it’s really well done. It’s free, too.

I like this site particularly because it’s not trying to be too general. Many social websites suffer from a kind of schizophrenia (MySpace is a good example) that makes it really difficult to take it all in, and I can’t last more than five minutes. But take something very specific, such as wine or mixed drinks, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

A good lesson in building a simple and fun web application. The authors may make a little money out of it, and good for them. It’s fun to use, and the social features make it better than any “desktop” application that attempts to do the same thing.

Be sure to make ray and kandace your buddies if you join!

Raymond Brigleb

Creative Director, dreamer, partner, father, musician, photographer. Has been known to ride the rails. Pulls one heck of a shot.