Consolas Italic

I write a lot of code, be it HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Ruby, or whatever. I probably spend half the day in my text editor of choice. Consequently, I’ve become quite the aficionado of good fixed-width typefaces. And my favorite, these days, is Microsoft’s Consolas.

Here you can see it compared to my old standby, Monaco. Monaco is a good font – it comes with Mac OS for free, and it looks good at small sizes. But with my 30” display, I can stand to have a font that’s a little larger – 14 point seems to work well.

My favorite feature of this font is its italics. Just look at that! Monaco doesn’t even have italics – many fixed-width fonts don’t. But italics come in very handy, and I find Consolas’ very helpful, legible, and even kind of cute! It’s a bit of a departure for a programming font, but I like it.

Raymond Brigleb

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