A True Universal Remote!

You know, for some of the more scatterbrained among us (er, I mean, visionary dreamers!), things get lost. As a direct consequence of getting completely absorbed in the myriad of tasks-at-hand, we here in the Needmore offices tend to lose things. A lot.

Of course, the nicest thing to lose is your cell phone. Provided a friend has theirs, they can call your phone, you hear it buzzing, and bingo – you’ve found your cell phone! What I’d like to see is a sort of universal remote for people who lose things around the house (which I would fasten to the wall, so as not to lose this, of course) which had a button for every thing you find yourself losing. Hit the button, and a tiny receiver on the item buzzes… be it keys, wallet, purse, glasses, or whatever.

That would be great.