We Are Needmore

Needmore Designs is a design studio based in Portland, Oregon.

We got our start when Raymond sold his Minneapolis coffee shop and was a barista at a little-known roastery named Stumptown, producing their first website in between shifts.

In the meantime, Kandace was exploring the world of cultural anthropology, learning to see the world through the eyes of others and understand their perspective. Together, they’ve been crafting bespoke sites for local (and international) brands, bands, and makers for over a decade.

Meet the team.

Kandace Brigleb

Partner / Producer

With degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics, Kandace is keen on sifting through language and culture to find that which makes each of us unique. (With a thesis on online communication under her belt, she was studying the internet when AOL Instant Messenger was cutting edge.)

As project producer, she works closely with our team and clients from kick-off and beyond. You’ll also find her speaking at conferences, on podcasts, and as co-host of Unpacking Coffee.

Raymond Brigleb

Partner / Creative Director

Raymond is a lifelong technology geek and design nerd who has hopped trains, documented obscure operating systems, and built websites before most of you were born (seriously…1996).

He has interwoven his years in web design with long stints at coffee houses (most years were spent during the early heydays of Stumptown Coffee) and prefers to spin vinyl whenever possible.

Ray is cohost of Unpacking Coffee (a coffee focused podcast) and host of The Job (featuring interesting interviews with fascinating Portlanders).

Gritchelle Fallesgon

Art Director

Gritchelle is a versatile designer who enjoys creating beautiful designs for print and digital. She has a passion for typography, illustrations, photography, and color.

Born and raised in the Golden State, she lived in San Francisco for 11 years and recently relocated to Portland, Oregon. When not designing, she can be found exploring Portland, shooting photography, or on her bike training for her next race.

Melissa Allen

UX Designer

Melissa is somewhat of a world traveler (by way of airplane ticket standards) and avid adventurer. This native Wisconsinite relocated to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where she has fallen in love with the mountains and spends her free time hiking and biking around Portland enjoying exquisite coffee and craft beer. Along the way, Melissa spent a year exploring the vast lands of Europe earning a Masters in Philosophy and Sociology.

Her passion lies in print and web design.

Luke Michaels

Website Designer

Luke holds a computer science degree in digital media. His primary focus is in UX and front-end web design. He aims to create aesthetically pleasing sites with intuitive user experiences.

We Believe

  • Real artists ship
  • Deliver wow through ideas
  • Be passionate and determined
  • Be resourceful and open minded
  • Embrace and drive change
  • Be creative
  • Create fun and a little weirdness
  • Communicate openly and honestly

Meet the crew. Maybe we’ll play you a record or two.