The Team


Raymond Brigleb

Principal / Creative Director

Raymond personally oversees the production of every website. He is a lifelong technology geek and design nerd who has hopped trains, documented obscure operating systems, and built websites before most of you were born (seriously…1996). He has interwoven his years in web design with long stints at coffee houses and prefers to spin vinyl whenever possible.

He also hosts The Job, an award-winning podcast produced by Needmore, featuring interviews with local celebrities and tastemakers.


Kandace Brigleb

Principal / Project Manager

With degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics, Kandace is keen on sifting through language and culture to find that which makes each of us unique. (With a thesis on online communication under her belt, she was studying the internet when AOL Instant Messenger was cutting edge.)

She acts as guide and coconspirator throughout your projects and will gladly meet you over a cup of coffee or glass of wine and chat.


Silke Kilian


Silke’s first name is German, and her middle name is Hawaiian. She grew up in the countryside of southern Oregon and always dreamed of the big city. She moved to Portland in 2007 and recently graduated from Portland State University with a BA in Graphic Design.

She took her first web design course in the fall of 2012 and has been fascinated with all the possibilities in web and interactive design ever since. She will still always love a beautiful print piece, but the ways of the internet intrigue her. Silke’s favorite design elements are simple and clever.

Besides design and the internet Silke enjoys the great outdoors, ice cream, IPAs and film photography.


Shawn Pavlas


Shawn grew up in the middle of nowhere, Oregon in a small farming community not far from the coast. Between building tree forts, bike riding, and going fishing, he bought his first computer and quickly discovered he had a passion for web design and development.

His professional experience in the field began while working at Yahoo! for a number of years, and he has been happily working as a developer since.

When he isn’t working on making awesome content for the web, Shawn loves painting pictures, road trips, writing and performing music, and getting lost in Antique stores while searching for a good suitcase to turn into a guitar amp.


Jason Britton


Jason started building websites back when tables ruled everything. He’s still at it all these years later making awesome websites and loving every minute of it.

He grew up in the Los Angeles area but moved to the northwest in his early twenties searching for new adventures in a more temperate climate. Jason likes to camp, ride bikes, fish, and all the other things that a good northwesterner likes to do.


Gregor Holtz


Gregor is a pretty ok guy originally from Phoenix, AZ. He relocated to Portland, OR in 2008, because wouldn’t you?

Gregor likes to make the internet beautiful. He also likes comics, riding bikes, whiskey, being a creep, dogs, cats, vidja games, D&D, and tons of other nerd junk.


Thao Pham


Thao is originally from Vietnam, a tropical country with many tasty fruits. She has moved to Portland to study and work. She is currently in the Web Design and Development program and Graphic Design program at Portland Community College.

She specializes in creating beautiful, usable designs and productions. Thao loves to make things look better, and enjoys spending her time in all things related to design.

When she is not working, she is probably hanging out with friends, exploring new places, taking photos, or going window-shopping and collecting cute clothes as well as doing needle felting. She is a “cat lady,” and loves chasing them around.