Needmore Designs is a digital design agency. We are advocates of obsession. Tireless perfectionists. We translate brands into the era of social media, onto everything from desktops to mobile phones.

Our forward-thinking designs follow a simple five-step process that gets results.

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    You have a story, but how do you tell it online? We read between the lines, dig deep, compare and contrast. The result? A project crafted to your needs and a website that stands apart from the crowd.

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    We focus on what makes you unique and harness that to meet your goals online. No matter what device it’s on, we look for a way to maximize your inherent value and make sure the content is easy to find.

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    Design is the heart of the process and everybody’s favorite part. From mood boards, to design mockups, we mold the site to fit your vision and let your story take shape.

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    Our designs are modern, simple, and carefully considered. We don’t just check things off a list; we polish until we have a gem. Accessible designs that bring a community of people together on any device.

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    We are with you during the launch process, making sure that everything is perfect for the road ahead. No matter where someone views your site, it will blow them away.

The Team


Raymond Brigleb

Creative Director

Raymond is a founding partner at Needmore who has been building websites since 1996. He is a lifelong technology geek and design nerd who has hopped trains, documented obscure operating systems, and built websites before most of you were born. He has interwoven his years in web design with long stints at coffee houses. His musical preference is vinyl records.

Raymond personally oversees the production of every website. He also hosts The Job, an award-winning podcast produced by Needmore, featuring interviews with local celebrities and tastemakers. He also speaks, writes, and generally responds to verbal commands.


Kandace Brigleb

Project Manager

Kandace brings to the team a BA in Cultural Anthropology and an MA in Linguistics. With a thesis on online communication under her belt, she was studying the internet when AOL Instant Messenger was cutting edge.

Her interests include: sipping wine by the ocean, hunting for midcentury modern treasures, and keeping up with her young daughters Zoë and Greta.


Cory Reed


Originally from Eugene, Oregon, Cory joined the Needmore team in late 2013. His background is in design, and he worked on the web for the last three years. With a sharp eye for detail, he specializes in making designs look great and load fast in the browser. He loves working on the web because there’s always something new to learn.

In his free time, Cory enjoys running the local trails, hiking the Pacific Northwest’s fantastic peaks, and drinking the top-notch Oregon beers—all while snapping the occasional photo.


Silke Kilian


Silke’s first name is German, and her middle name is Hawaiian. She grew up in the countryside of southern Oregon and always dreamed of the big city. She moved to Portland in 2007 and recently graduated from Portland State University with a BA in Graphic Design.

She took her first web design course in the fall of 2012 and has been fascinated with all the possibilities in web and interactive design ever since. She will still always love a beautiful print piece, but the ways of the internet intrigue her. Silke’s favorite design elements are simple and clever.

Besides design and the internet Silke enjoys the great outdoors, ice cream, IPAs and film photography.


Kenny Crippen


Kenny was born in Portland, Oregon but moved away when he was 4 to explore the mountains of Montana and Alaska. He attended college in Edmonton, Alberta for 3 years, then found his way back to Portland in the year 2000 to study graphic design.

He began building and maintaining websites while working for Parr Lumber Company and has continued down the rabbit hole since then, appreciating the fact that there is always something new to learn along with great new ways of doing things.

While not working, Kenny enjoys hanging out with his two puggles Eleanor and Stella, riding motorcycles, vintage stereo equipment, collecting vinyl, running, and working on old cars.