Warming up Hoda’s

Hoda and Hani Khouri make Lebanese comfort food the old-fashioned way: from scratch with the best ingredients they can get their hands on. Succulent grape leaves, smoky baba ghanouje, and creamy, complex hummus are some of the dishes that folks flock to their southeast Portland restaurant to savour. And with their jovial, warm service and family-style servings, eating out at Hoda’s feels more like dinner with friends and family.

We’ve spent countless evenings and afternoons enjoying Hoda’s meals over the years and have often talked about creating a new website for one of our most beloved eateries. As luck would have it, Hoda and Hani had a similar inclination!

We designed Hoda’s new website around the warmness and comfort that Hoda’s exudes: comfortable to navigate, fun to read, full of tasty tidbits. This was quite an immersive experience for Needmore as we had our hand in everything from design and production to photography and copywriting.

Original website


Needmore’s redesign


Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.