2012 Looks Good from Here

Well hello, friends. Happy New Year! We’ve just returned to the studio from a short, whirlwind sabbatical. One of the most pivotal destinations this past week was our annual Needmore Retreat at the Grande Lodge. Perhaps it was the chilly wind outside and the roaring fire inside, but we had just about the most productive retreat to date.

This  year, we came away with a singular goal: to be the best web design studio out there. One could argue that is an obvious goal. Not so with the creative minds of Needmore; most years, we return from our retreat with long lists of new project ideas and ventures to wrap ourselves into. Inevitably, these distract us from giving our full attention to being our absolute best in one singular area: website design. Not this year. In 2012, we are completely focused and stoked to push our designs even further.

We also took a quick jaunt over to the Oregon coast to celebrate the new year with our dear friends and longtime clients, Michelle and Steven. (This duo is about the most hardworking — and hard playing — pair out there.) We had relaxing time at gorgeous B&B (no ghost sighting this time around) and their restaurant, Ona, which serves the absolute most divine food you can get on the coast. Lucky us!

And, of course, a week away wouldn’t be complete without time spent with family. (Little Zoë Ray by Raymond and Kandace, foxtail by the lovely Amy Ruppel.)

All photos by Kandace (kandacerae) via Instagram.

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.