True Terpenes

True Terpenes is the industry’s trendsetter for botanically derived terpenes. Needmore joined their team to produce an ambitious new online home in an accelerated timeline.

The new website pages are unique and engaging.

What’s the rush?

As we began working with True Terpenes, their R&D team was conjuring up explosive new flavors and revolutionary new lines. It became clear that we needed to match their energy and pace, crafting a new online presence that would allow them to unveil these new products on a website every bit as remarkable as their terpenes.

Pure Isolates are one of the many new categories on the new site.
Product profiles have been completely redesigned to work on iPads and iPhones.

Working closely with a team and iterating on the final product can be a challenge. Unless you have the right team in place, that is.

True Terpenes does not disappoint; this is a crew of designers, photographers, videographers, dreamers, tinkerers, and visionaries. As we iterated, we all pushed each other forward, making it an absolute thrill to work side by side with them to imagine this project and then bring it to life in a short timespan.

ACDC packaging

One of the biggest thrills for me on this project was how wholeheartedly the client embraced our design direction. Early on, we recommended the type family Ringside because we felt it was extremely flexible yet serious—the perfect direction forward for their brand. True Terpenes didn’t simply embrace it for the website, they also redesigned all of their packaging and marketing collateral to use it as well.

Raymond Brigleb, Creative Director

Details Matter

True Terpenes has a number of critical stand-out points. They are known for incredible, responsive customer service, attention to detail, and rigorous standards and testing. This rigorous approach to quality means their customers can trust that their products exceed standards across the board. All this information needs a place to live. It became critical to build out product pages that could capture the depth of information while still keeping the site engaging.

The new product page beautiful while being full of information.

Build On

This is a team on the move and so the website will inevitably flourish with new information. We designed a flexible page builder that allows their team to continue to grow and change over time, adding new pages and products as they go.

Screenshots of various sizes

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.