Playful lifestyle with a camera, poster and mallets

The Year of the Gift Card

Playful lifestyle with a camera, poster and mallets

Gift giving this year, like everything else, looks slightly different this year. What was once a symbol of lack of imagination is now a beautifully sublime way to show you care. Yes, I’m talking about the gift card. Now, in years past, I would find myself rolling over in horror as family would open gift cards to the EXACT SAME PLACE for generally the EXACT SAME AMOUNT. “Wait, that’s not gift giving! Isn’t  this trading currency?” I would silently ponder. Not this year. There are a number of realities converging on us, making this the Year of the Gift Card.

The Perfect Storm

By now, you may be painfully aware of the impending shipageddon—as if we need more high stress situations now—which is promoting carriers to encourage shoppers to “shop and ship early.” However, that particularly ship is swiftly leaving the dock.

At the same time, small local shops are struggling. This is the time to shop small and support the places you want to be able to see again next year. When you shop small, gift cards are an excellent way to show your unique taste as you support beloved businesses. To add character, when you sent that gift card, let the person you are gifting know why you chose the place. What does it mean to you? Why did it make you think of them? 

Finally, giving a gift card this year is actually giving an experience. Say you have been quarantined in your house for months and you are presented with the opportunity to peruse a local shop, picking something out to enjoy later. The joy! The anticipation!

Get Those Cards on Your Site Now

The Anchor

As the window closes on deliveries that can reliable make it by the holidays, gift cards should be one of the first offerings customers see when they get to your website. But first, you’ve got to get those offerings on your site. 


Typically, Shopify offers gift cards on their $79/month plan and above. However, if you have a Shopify website right now, you are able to add gift cards on any subscription plan.

Extending the gift card feature to all Shopify subscription plans is designed to help merchants during the economic difficulties resulting from COVID-19.

Not sure how to add gift cards? Check out this helpful video.


If your website is created in WooCommerce, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to setting up WooCommerce gift cards.

Go Get ‘Em

If you are a retailer, now is the time to make it abundantly clear how to buy gift cards from you, especially if the cards can be used online.

And, if you area looking for a gift, put some wind in multiple sails by purchasing gift cards from your favorite local shops.

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.