The Ultimate Biscotti™ – Seriously!

Eating a biscotti hand-crafted from The Ultimate Biscotti™ is a an experience that is near impossible to convey through mere words and images; our taste buds rang out with such pleasure (and mixing these biscotti with our beloved Stumptown Coffee Roasters is an experience to sit down and slowly savor).

When we received our box of biscotti, we knew right away that we were in for a design treat; these folks love their biscotti down to the stunning signature pink gift box that houses their hand-made delights; now wonder they talk so eloquently of combining old world tradition with a modern twist.

Ultimate Biscotti website by Needmore Designs

We set creating a site that would not only show off the amazing details of the quality ingredients, but also bring a sense of the personable warmth and enthusiasm that exudes from owner and baker Alicia Prekpala.

From the business side, Alicia’s fledgling business required a site that would not only offer her products to the public, but also assist with a smooth selling and shipping process. We created a site with Magento that covers the bases from quick, secure checkout to full order fulfillment on the backend. What’s more, Alicia has access to a myriad of optimization and order reports.

We’re happy that Alicia is pleased with the website as well:

Working with Needmore was like no other experience to compare. I set out not knowing what to expect and put my trust in their creative hands, and I came out with a website beautiful beyond my wildest dreams. Amazingly talented duo with an obvious passion for design. You guys exude an incredible sense of style and creativity—and your flair for communicating is simply outstanding. You kept it fresh, fun, and exciting, in the most organized manner I have ever seen! As a gal who is super un-savvy in the technical dept., you have provided a system that I can work with in editing content as well as a great system for keeping record of current and future clients (all with the very same ease I am most grateful for)! The very best part is your ego-free manor….I have enjoyed every second of working with you!

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.