The Seven Dees Planscaper

Having just recently bought our first home, we have discovered Seven Dees just a few blocks from us. It’s a huge home and garden center, and we’re probably rather lucky to live so close!

Yesterday, we learned about something they call the Planscaper. The idea is that you can have a chunk of your yard landscaped for a one-time fee of $500. But get this: they never come to your house. They don’t do any work for you at all! It’s definitely for the do-it-yourselfer crowd. So you’re probably wondering, if all you get is a sit-down session with a professional landscaper, who advises you based on a drawing of your yard… what makes it worth $500?

There’s the angle. In exchange for your $500, you get a $500 discount card at their store, plus 10% off after that. In other words, it’s basically free, as long as you’re likely to spend at least $500. Which you are!

It’s a neat idea, and a great way to get business going. They can basically offer a valuable service for free, knowing that it will pay for itself in increased business.