The Fuse Kit – Now Open Source!

Back in July I wrote an article entitled Open Source This… Please! in which I more or less begged developer Moses Gunesch to give his Fuse Kit a true open-source license. As of a couple months ago, he has.

For those not familiar with The Fuse Kit, it’s a code library that lets you do extremely sophisticated animations with your ActionScript code, in Flash. What’s particularly nifty about it is that you can create elaborate sequences of animations, which can include code in themselves. So you can script out a series of animations, even ones that include user interaction, and be sure that they’ll all play smoothly and predictably.

I’ve been using Fuse for a while now, and I’m still learning new tricks. It has found its way into a number of our projects, and I’m really happy to see that it’s now open source. If you’re a Flash developer, you’re sure to find it useful. And if you do, be sure to make a donation!

Raymond Brigleb

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