Techically Fashion

Fair warning: We’ve been spending large chunks of time working on a soon-to-be-unveiled work for fashion magazine, Savoir Flair. In homage to the fine ladies at SF and their stunning coverage of NY Fashion Week, the following is an admittedly geek attempt at focusing on fashion.

Getting ready to hit the studio/office for the day shouldn’t mean chunky bags and clunky hardware. Goodbye messenger bags and bulky laptop cases; after years of trial and error, this is a guide to the perfect techno-fashion combo.

First and foremost is a solid purse to house one’s techno bauble. Entermodal’s Classic Grace Tote is the ideal, both striking and built-to-last. (These leather bags are made to order, by hand, right here in Portland.)

The 11-inch MacBook Air is a surprisingly powerful gem of a machine. If it were possible to truly love a machine, this one would have my heart. (When I was fawning to my toddler about my absolute adoration of the Air, she brightly reminded me that computers cannot love us, but people can. Smart girl.)

Andy Warhol’s Do It Yourself Flowers case by Incase, released in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, is a colorfully playful and practical to boot. (To create the series, including his 1962 Do it Yourself Flowers, Warhol used a projector and hand traced the images from an actual paint-by-numbers kit.) Bonus: one of Entermodal’s purse linings matches the powder blue on the case as if they were made to go together.

My adoration of my iPhone has been firmly established. Finally, my iPhone and cards are able to transition from morning coffee meeting to evening date night in a flash, thanks to this powder blue wristlet from Capulet. This combo is as light and airy as it is stylish. And, again, the blue is spot on.

Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.