Tables Turned

We’re always starting out conversations with clients by asking them to think about their brand in our client survey. Recently, as we began working on our own identity, the tables were turned and we had a chance to see how difficult it can be to assess yourself. Below are our attempts to answer a rather short and simple list of questions:

If your brand was…

… a car company which would you be? (Think make mostly, but model if you wanna be really specific.)

Kandace: Mini Cooper.
Raymond: Porsche actually. Or maybe Toyota. I don’t know.

… a cell phone carrier, which would it be?

K: AT&T I suppose because they work with Apple.
R: Not technically a cell phone carrier but Clear is what I picture. Otherwise maybeorange in the UK. Although they kind of all suck, so it’s tough.

… a character from a TV show, who would that be?

K: Jeff Lewis meets Rachel Zoe.
R: Well you probably don’t necessarily mean from a design show but I’d say Rachel Zoebecause she’s such an ardent fan of her clients. Or Tim Gunn. I don’t watch “regular” TV so that’s the best I can do!

… a professional athlete, who would that be?

R: I in no way follow any professional sports but I would have to say David Beckhamsimply because of the amazing essay on his technique that David Foster Wallace wrote.
K: Oh god, I don’t know any.

… a social media site, which one would it be?

R: Tumblr. Simple, with a clear identity, not hard to use, everything is big and clear and simple and streamlined and lets you actually get work done while still making it easy to socialize. It doesn’t have all the crap a MySpace or whatever has.
K: Tumblr.

… a historical person, who would that be?

R: Saul Bass kicked ass. He basically invented the awesome movie title sequence, did some killer posters, and even did that awesome old AT&T logo (the old one).
K: Paul Rand.

… a cereal which would it be?

K: Something Chex-like, but healthy. Simple, delicious.
R: Yogi Cereal because it is so calming.

… a soft drink which would it be?

R: Maybe Brain Toniq because it’s so such a white can and it makes you smarter. I think.
K: San Peligrino. Is that cheating?


Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.