Swimming With Sharks

Robert Cringely has written up an excelent analysis of Apple’s forthcoming iTV product. It seems as though they’re really thinking ahead, and waiting for, as many suspect, the 802.11n specification to take hold next year. This will allow streaming wireless video as fast as most any wire can carry them.

But Blu-ray and HD-DVD are both deploying slowly and there’s a risk that they’ll destroy each other with market confusion, so then what? Then the iPod, that’s what. Apple can present to its studio buddies the idea that iPods are perfectly good movie containers. Remember the same H.264 movie plays on your iPod or your TV, meaning the iPod carries the same code, making it a viable HD-DVD or Blu-Ray equivalent. Why else would you need an 80-gig iPod?

(As noted on Daring Fireball)

Raymond Brigleb

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