Original Stumptown Coffee Roasters logo by Needmore Designs

Stumptown Coffee Update

We’ve just finished a complete redesign of Stumptown Coffee Roaster’s News.



This before shot is of the former News home page. Although the most recent article was easily accessible, the depth and breadth of information being shared was getting lost. It was difficult to navigate, and since we had written it all from scratch, it lacked many of the modern features so important to our present designs.


In our redesign, we gave equal importance to all of the News sections. Each section’s imagery is drawn from the most recent article, giving a quick visual overview of what is happening right now at Stumptown. The latest post in each category works similarly. There are plenty of subtle visual effects, but in the few cases where they don’t work on older browsers, nothing is taken away from the experience. And it works great on iPhones and iPads.

It was an absolute thrill to be able to focus in-depth on one area of a website, especially because we have had time to see how the section was being used in real life. This meant adding social integration – any post can optionally be sent to Twitter and Facebook – and it’s far easier to add new features going forward.

We hope you enjoy it.


Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.