Person pouring coffee and reading a book at Stanza

Stanza’s Opening Line

To-go cup with Stanza patterning

Back in 2016, we were quietly collaborating with folks half a world away. A new unnamed roaster in Qatar, Stanza came to us looking for a name and brand identity that would reflect their core values. We set out to discover the story of this new roaster and what made it special.

Interior shot of the gorgeous Stanza space with round tables, plush chairs, and local art.

As the world around us changed, changed some more, and changed again, we were caught up in a vision of inclusivity, openness, and welcome; we had been brought on board to lay the foundation for a project that would serve as warm welcome to locals and expatriates in Doha, Qatar. In one our our earliest check-ins, founder Nasser spoke beautifully about wandering a library. This became an early inspiration as we explored the soul of this new venture.

Person pouring coffee while reading a book. This is an interior shot from Stanza space.

We’re so thrilled to see that friends at Stanza have recently opened their spot in Doha. It is absolutely stunning, everything we had dreamed of and more. Join us as we follow along in the IG, there’s more to this story ahead.

Photos by Stanza Coffee