Space (Re)Designed

We’ve just launched a redesign for Martie Kilmer at Space Design. Martie is an über talented floral artist—her intriguing arrangements and terrariums can be found at hip Portland haunts such Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Laurelhurst Market, and the Ace Hotel (to name but a few).

Martie is all about floral art. And folks near and far are taking notice; portland suggests that “…martie is the orchid whisperer … you get the feeling that anything she touches blooms…”. Similarly, Oregon Bride recently noted that her “exotic display of bear grass, succulent rosettes, monstera and flax leaves, tillandsia and manzanita branches draws on the Northwest’s lush rainforest climate and makes a strikingly architectural statement.”

This is Martie’s website before. Not only did it not have Martie’s fun new identity, but it was also in Flash (making it not viewable on many modern devices). Martie was looking for a classic, non-fussy website that would show off her aesthetic and her work.

For her new home page, we strove for ethereal movement, uncluttered space, and textures – all aspects of Martie’s own designs.

As with all of our efforts, we paid close attention to more than just the design that greets the eye; this website uses the latest HTML5 techniques, works well across a broad spectrum of devices, is optimized to be search engine friendly, and is easy-to-update.

Within her portfolios, we wanted the work to speak for itself. Therefore, we have large images, cropped closely, mixed with wider images that reveal an impressive number of recognizable Portland clients. The slide show is easy to update, and is presented with beautiful transitions that draw from the larger design.

We’re very proud to have worked with Martie (who is a fabulously nice person as well as an extremely talented individual), and to have brought this design to life. We do hope you’ll stop in and smell the, er, succulents.


Kandace Brigleb

Producer, co-founder of Needmore. Currently residing on the left coast.